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Can you work out while wearing this brace?

 Absolutely! I played 18 holes of golf while wearing it By Carol G.

What is the measurement of this brace (width and length)?

At it’s widest point in the center of the back it is 10 inches. The overall length is 48 inches. By Brez

I’m looking for back support while I’m riding my exercise bike in sitting posture. Would you recommend it for this?

I would think it would work if you positioned the back support properly so you can easily move your legs. The back support is not so stiff that it would limit movement. By Ardent

Is this washable?

Yes, it is washable in cold water and must be hung to dry. By Beverly G

this good for warehouse work?

I think this is excellent for warehouse work. It’s light weight and provides firm support. I used it for hours for yard work with ease. By Customer 

How many stays and where located?

5 or 6 in the rear. By Boris M

Can we were in night time?

Yes you can wear it during the night. By PRock-Brown

Is the belt all stretch or elastic material?

It stretches and is elastic as well. By Elodie 

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